Where to start? Often I will meet local customers at their home to get a feel for the space and the existing furniture and cabinetry it might need to complement. We will discuss dimensions, wood species, and possibly draw up a rough sketch. Perhaps you already have a strong idea of what the piece should look like. Others might have an idea of the function it will serve and invite more creativity with the form. I appreciate and will work with either approach. Sharing a sketch or an image of a piece you like can be very helpful.

I will then submit an estimate for the project cost. Assuming you decide to proceed I often ask for a deposit to cover the design service. This amount will vary depending on the project scope and complexity. Once the final design is approved I will quote the final price which is normally close to the original estimate. Occasionally the price might fluctuate due to design changes in the complexity, wood selection, and hardware.

At this point I will request an additional deposit of approximately one half the project cost to reserve the slot in production. I will also provide a more definite idea of when your project will be complete. My lead times can vary from 3-4 weeks to several months dependent on what projects I already have in production.

Thank you and I hope this summary of my process was helpful.