Brian Harris – Custom Furniture Maker

I have enjoyed building things all my life. As a boy I spent many hours tinkering in the garage tearing things apart and usually getting them put back together. Later in life, this fondness for building led me to a degree in Civil Engineering. After a few years in the engineering field I realized that I really missed working with my hands. A couple years later I started a remodeling business which I operated for over 10 years. During this time I noticed the great satisfaction I enjoyed while performing fine carpentry and the occasional furniture build. My business has slowly evolved to the point of declining the more profitable remodeling jobs in favor of the more satisfying cabinetry and furniture projects.

I was inspired to name my business “High Road Custom Woodworking” (formerly “High Road Construction”) by the beautiful mountain setting where I began this work.  I completed my first furniture commission while living and working at a high elevation retreat center south of Idaho Springs, CO.  My commitment was to take “The High Road” with all my business practices. I strive to put quality and customer satisfaction before profit in all my work. This philosophy resulted in a business sustained entirely from return customers and word of mouth referrals for over ten years.

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