Must Have Tools For The DIY Woodworker’s Wood Shop

If you are a beginner woodworker or simply looking to find out which tools you should spend your money on first, then this article is just what you need. Creating wooden furniture can be fun and exciting with the right set of tools! And because wooden furniture does not require any special care, it will last for many years.

Must-Have Tools for the DIY Woodworker

It is vital to have good tools when working on your projects. Not only do good tools make the work easier and faster, but also it is much safer to work with high-quality tools. They are not that expensive, but they are definitely worth the money!

Tools are categorized by how often you will use them and for what amount of time each day – here’s a list of must-have tools every DIY woodworker should have in their workshop.

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Cordless Miter Saw

You will need a good cordless miter saw when you start working on your wooden projects. This tool can be used for making crosscuts (cutting across or perpendicular to the grain) and miters (angle cuts), so it’s perfect for many tasks such as:

* Cutting angles when attaching crown molding or baseboard;
* Making different cuts for picture frames, door frames, and many other things.

For beginners, it is recommended to buy a cheap one with an adjustable miter detent (it will help you set the angle by yourself).

Nail Gun For Woodworking

This tool could become very helpful if you are making projects larger than 3 feet long! Not only can it make your work much easier, but it also speeds up the whole process – since you don’t need to hammer nails in manually anymore. You squeeze the trigger, and that’s it!

Of course, if you are working on smaller projects, using a hammer is still preferable, but this might be what you need when it comes to large pieces of wood.

Paint Sprayer For Wood

Using a paint sprayer for your projects might be the best thing you ever did, especially when working on pieces that are larger than 2×4 feet! The great thing about this is that you won’t have to worry about getting paint in all sorts of places – all you need to do is decide where and how much paint an area should get and leave the rest to the sprayer!

Also, by using this tool, you will get a smooth, even finish, which would take ages to achieve with a brush or roller. Of course, if you don’t want to spend that much money on it (since they can get pretty pricey), there’s always an option to get a cheap electric paint sprayer or air compressor.

Table Saw

This is one of the most important tools every woodworker should have in their workshop! It can be used for countless things, and you could say that it’s like a swiss army knife – you won’t know how useful it is until you own one!

Some tasks this tool helps with are making straight cuts (when cutting boards down to size), miters and crosscut said (as before), and different kinds of joinery such as tenons, dados, and rabbets! Of course, other than these basic wooden projects, you can do many more things with a table saw!


A jigsaw is more accurate than a circular saw (in my opinion), but it isn’t as versatile or powerful – this means that you won’t be able to cut large pieces of wood (anything larger than 1 inch thick). However, since they are cheaper and more pleasant to use, many people start with jigsaws before moving on to more powerful tools like table saws or miter saws!

They can be pretty dangerous if not used properly, so I’d recommend getting one only if you already have experience working with power tools.

Random Orbital Sander

Although this tool isn’t as powerful as regular sanders, it can still do a great job smoothing surfaces and preparing them for further processing. It is essential to mention that they are less aggressive – so if you don’t start with a belt sander (which will remove lots of material), this one will make your life easier!

Circular Saw

Circular saws are usually much cheaper than table saws, but they also have their limitations, significantly when cutting large pieces of wood. This might not be an issue if you own an electric miter saw or joiner since both of those tools can help you overcome said limits!

One thing worth mentioning is that although most circular saws are cordless, I would highly recommend getting one with a power cord – it’s just much more comfortable to use!

Power Drill

Power drills are excellent for drilling holes of various sizes in small pieces of wood, but when it comes to large projects, you might find them somewhat limited since they don’t have the power required to drill very long holes (which you will need sometimes).

Some models can hold different bits in their bodies, which is very convenient if you want to drill big holes or drive screws into hard materials! Also, the best feature of these tools is that all you need to do is press a button. No more hard work with a hand drill!

Other Woodworking Project Necessities

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Quality Work Bench

A suitable, solid workbench is one of the most essential pieces of furniture you will ever need – it can make your life much easier if everything (including your work) is in one place and within arm’s reach!

At least that’s how I imagine mine to look – lots of space, a complete set of tools, and a sharpening system nearby (not to mention storage space somewhere where no one would bother me when I’m working). Of course, there are different styles, so don’t be afraid to experiment with this. Find something that suits you best!

Adjustable Sawhorses

Sawhorses are incredibly cheap, and they can be found in every single hardware store! What’s even better is that you can make them yourself if you like DIY projects (and there are many online plans for free!).

They might not look extraordinary, but believe me when I say that once you get your hands on these, it will feel almost impossible to go back to the way things were! The sawdust will stay on the ground instead of all over your garage floor, which is especially helpful when using a paint sprayer (which is also necessary if you want to work safely)!


If you were looking for a comprehensive list of must-have tools, this article is probably not what you are looking for. Instead, what I wanted to achieve with it was to give beginners an idea about the tools they will most likely need during their first DIY projects.

Of course, everyone develops their own style, so some of these might not apply to your personal preferences, but I hope that at least part of this guide can be used somewhere down the road!

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