Top Online Woodworking Courses And E-Books

Woodworking is a trade that has been around for centuries. With the advent of the internet, more people are learning about woodworking. The internet offers many advantages over traditional classroom education for those seeking knowledge on this trade. This article will go through the top online woodworking courses and ebooks.

Udemy: Basic Carpentry Woodworking Course

Udemy website is one of the best online learning marketplaces, with over 80,000 courses taught by expert instructors. Udemy offers a variety of video-based and audio-focused courses on topics ranging from programming to photography to carpentry woodworking. The Basic Carpentry Woodworking Course consists of around 22 lectures that will teach you how to measure square footage, use circular saws and table saws safely, work with hand tools and power equipment such as chop saws or band sanders. Learners will also learn how to design various joints for furniture construction like mortise & tenon joinery or dovetail jointing. Although Udemy offers some free courses, this basic carpentry course costs approximately $30.
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Alison: Introduction To Carpentry Woodworking Course

This online course provides learners with a detailed overview of the craft. With no prior experience in carpentry, students will learn how to use tools and equipment for effective woodworking and fundamental techniques for design and construction. The goal is not just to master basic skills but also to understand various types of woods that can be used in furniture making, including lumber grading, selection, storage, and drying, working with hand-made finishes such as varnishes and stains. Also, learners can learn joinery methods from mortise & tenon joints -to dovetail joints – including standard layout procedures. In summation, the free carpentry classes by Alison cover introduction to carpentry, construction methods, joinery, and formwork.

Penn Foster: Construction Trades Program Woodworking Course

Penn Foster has been providing quality education since 1890 by offering more than 50 affordable online programs that can be completed at any time that fits your schedule -day or night! This course is intended to provide the skills necessary for a woodworking career. Students who enroll will learn how to operate various types of equipment, such as table saws, band, and circular saws, drill presses, or lathes. They’ll also have an opportunity to work with both hand tools and power tools while making projects like boxes or furniture pieces from lumber they’ve cut themselves.

Common Woodworking: Woodworking For Beginners

This course is a comprehensive introduction for beginners who want to start from the ground up. After learning the basics of joinery, learners can check the free video projects offered by this site to learn how to make certain items. The projects in this course range from simple, everyday items like shelves and picture frames to more advanced things like furniture and building your backyard deck. These are just what you need, from easy activities that require only inexpensive supplies or none at all (chalk painting) to complex undertakings with some hefty investments of time and money.
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The Wood Whisperer Guild: Intro To Sketchup Woodworking Course

Learn how to become a valuable member of the carpentry and woodworking industry with SketchUp. The program will teach you all about this amazing software, from navigation and dimensioning boards to drawing furniture plans, drafting joints for cabinetry projects, and building furnishings directly in 3D space using millimeters or inches as your measurement system.

This course is meant for learners who are not yet familiar with computer-aided design (CAD) programs but would like more experience before starting an intensive formal training regimen at their local community college or technical school. It is perfect for people with basic woodworking skills looking for in-depth training. The cost prices per course range between $40 to $120.

Heritage Foundational: Woodworking Course

The Heritage Foundational Woodworking Course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of woodworking – which can be applied in many fields, from cabinets and furniture making to artistic work. Students are introduced through demonstrations, discussion boards, videos, and hands-on experience with various tools. They learn about how different woods function on the factory floor versus at an art gallery or workshop and how their features affect strength and usefulness for certain purposes. The cost of the course ranges between $350 to $1,375.

SkillShare: Beginner Woodworking course

If you want to enhance your woodworking skills but are unsure where, when, or what steps to take next – this is the course for you.

The SkillShare Beginner Woodworking Course will teach everything from lumber identification and hardware installation to designing your cutting boards. All materials needed (wood glue and clamps) and two tools (a Craftsman power drill) are provided at no extra cost, plus video conferencing instruction led by an expert instructor who can help answer any questions along the way!

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Woodworkers Guild Of America: Woodworking Classes

Join the Woodworkers Guild of America and learn how to do woodworking. This course was established for the advancement, education, and welfare of the artisans who use hand tools to make wooden objects. They teach skills such as working with woods like oak or mahogany; developing patterns from which pieces are cut; making joints between boards by cutting them at different angles, so they fit together snugly without nails or glue.

Although the classes are open to adults, it helps if you have some basic knowledge about woodworking before joining these courses. Otherwise, you may find yourself struggling mentally rather than learning anything new. Most of the classes range from $40 to $50.

Ashworth College: Carpentry Training Woodworking Course

This online course provides learners with the skills and knowledge necessary for successful employment or self-employment in carpentry. The basics of woodworking are covered, including learning how to operate various power tools; safety procedures such as band saws, reciprocating saws, table saws, and radial-arm sanders; installation techniques like installing door jambs, trim work around doors and windows. Further, learners can learn general construction principles such as layout methods (square math), miter cuts from crown molding profiles, measuring instruments used by carpenters: vernier calipers and micrometers. This course will prepare you with a strong foundation for success as an entry-level carpenter. With only $899, learners can earn a diploma certification in Carpentry at Ashworth College.

Woodworking is a difficult and ever-changing craft, but it can be quite rewarding. If you’re looking for a new hobby or want to learn more about woodworking, then the above post provides a list of 10 online resources that might be helpful for you.
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